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We're the SMILE Society!


The KCL Smile Society is a society run by dental students to improve knowledge of good dental health in the local community by volunteering in oral health workshops. We are a sub-committee of the King's College London Dental Society, meaning that our members will NOT need to pay for a membership.


We run interactive workshops for children in Key Stages 1-3 (age 5 to 14), and intend on providing advice sessions for older students, educating them on good oral health and disease prevention. At Smile Society we feel that such free workshops for local schools are beneficial to the community in which we study.


Our Broad Aims:

1. Educate children about teeth and the tooth disease process, while encouraging preventative dental care


2. Discuss and demonstrate methods for good oral hygiene


3. Diminish fear of the dentist, crucial during childhood and adolescence


4. Provide a comfortable environment for questions


5. Volunteers gain invaluable experience and give back to the community. We provide portfolio certificates to active members in the society 

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